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Banned Continuous Use on River Sand

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Artificial Sand as an Alternative: Supreme Court’s Perspective on River Sand

Rajasthan miners of sand and Bajri are prohibited by the Supreme Court. Supreme Court has restrained 82 massive sand mine leaseholders from mining with an immediate impact. These orders are given because of the degradation of the atmosphere in Rajasthan. Supreme Court also added that even the Ministry of Surroundings, Forest and Temperature Change, and also the State of Rajasthan also are not involved concerning it.

The court of Justice Madan B Lokur and Justice Deepak Gupta in its order aforesaid, “We restrain all the 82 mining lease/quarry holders from completing mining of sand and bajri unless a scientific replacement”. The study decided that construction cannot be stopped so it’s time to find some substitute for natural river sand. The artificial sand (M sand) produced by proper machines can be a better substitute to river sand.

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However, M Sand is much more beneficial then river sand:

  • It’s free from flaky particles as it is shaped cubically using VSI shaping machine. These give high strength and long life to concrete.
  • M Sand (artificial sand) has two grades for concreting and plastering, which saves the work of filtering the sand.
  • M Sand (artificial sand) has higher ‘Fines Modules Index’, this gives good workability for concrete and masonry that help in easy and fast construction.

Raj Minerals is the leading manufacturing company to manufacture artificial sand also known as M-Sand, to meet the requirements of the construction industry in place of river sand. M-sand uses natural coarse aggregates to form; it causes less damage to the environment as compared to river sand.

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