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Raj Mineral, a subsidiary of Jai Mahesh Industries, has earned the trust of its clients as a leading m sand manufacturer in Rajasthan with an advanced product line. We consistently deliver high-quality items, including interlocking paver blocks, fly ash cemented bricks, curve stones, glossy interlocking paver blocks, and  Manufactured Sand in Udaipur, catering to diverse construction needs.

The construction process got challenging since river sand was prohibited in several locations. To fill the gap, we manufacture artificial sand in Rajasthan.

Mr. Rajesh Mundra, a lawyer by education and entrepreneur by choice, founded Raj Mineral Crushing Plant in the 1990s, which served as the starting point for our adventure. We are the best in our field because of the team’s devotion and hard work. Another firm, Jai Mahesh Industries, was established in 2012 with a strong business plan, and within 4 years, we were able to become the top choice for clients.

At our M sand plant in Udaipur, we employ German Vibro Compact Technique, operating in an automated facility with a daily production capacity exceeding 12,000 bricks. Each batch undergoes rigorous strength and quality testing in our on-site laboratory.


Discover our top-quality products: strong bricks, special blocks, fine sand, and durable stones. We’re reliable construction materials supplier, built to last and enhance your projects.

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Our Range Of Premium Quality Product Includes

Discover our top-quality products: strong bricks, special blocks, fine sand, and durable stones. We’re a reliable m sand plant in Rajasthan, built to last and enhance your projects.

Manufactured Sand, serves as a meticulously engineered substitute for natural river sand. It undergoes a rigorous processing procedure to adhere to precise quality standards. Typically, it is crafted by crushing durable granite or basalt rocks, yielding sand particles with a consistent texture and shape. This adaptable material is widely utilized in diverse construction undertakings, including concrete manufacturing, plastering, and bricklaying. When considering the availability of M-Sand in Udaipur, it is crucial to recognize its importance in local construction projects. You can connect with us for premium quality artificial sand in Udaipur, Rajasthan.

Interlocking paver blocks are a versatile and popular choice in modern construction, and they are widely used in both residential and commercial applications. These blocks are commonly employed for constructing driveways, walkways, patios, and even roadways, thanks to their exceptional load-bearing capacity and aesthetic appeal. Interlocking paver blocks not only enhance the visual appeal of outdoor spaces but also provide practicality and durability. Looking for a reliable paver blocks manufacturer in Udaipur, you’ll find various options to meet your construction needs.

Crusher stone grit in Udaipur, Rajasthan is extensively employed in diverse construction applications, primarily serving as a fundamental building material. The crusher stone comes in various sizes and types, ranging from fine particles to larger stones. We take pride in offering top-tier quality crusher stone, ensuring it possesses the durability and strength necessary to be an indispensable resource within the construction industry.

These are innovative and sustainable building materials that combine fly ash, a waste product from coal combustion, with cement and other additives to create durable and eco-friendly bricks. Fly Ash Cement Bricks, renowned for their excellent thermal insulation properties and high strength, have found widespread use in both residential and commercial construction. Fly ash bricks in Udaipur are a popular choice due to their remarkable attributes and suitability for various building projects.



We work with many companies, big and small. They trust us and we help them succeed. Our client list shows how much we care and the good work we do.

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Rajesh Mundra is a leading M Sand manufacturer in Udaipur. We specialize in providing high-quality paver blocks, bricks, and M-Sand. Our daily production capacity exceeds 12,000 bricks, and we are committed to excellence through the use of the German Vibro Compact Technique, rigorous testing, and unwavering dedication.


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At Raj Minerals, we understand that the foundation of any successful construction project is the quality of the materials used. Our promise is to be your trusted partner in building a sustainable future. We are dedicated to producing high-quality m sand in Rajasthan that not only meet but exceed industry standards.

Our commitment extends beyond just providing top-notch products; we also promise innovation, reliability, and environmentally conscious solutions. We are an experienced m sand manufacturer in Udaipur assuring quality in affordability.
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Quality control measures, including rigorous testing and thorough inspection, ensure the highest standards are met. They guarantee product excellence, safety, and customer satisfaction, essential for business success and trust.

Sampling & Testing

Regularly sample raw mineral deposits and processed materials at various stages of production. Conduct thorough chemical and physical tests to determine mineral composition, purity, particle size distribution, and other relevant properties.

Process Monitoring

Installing monitoring systems within the mining and processing facilities, including the m sand crushing plant in Udaipur, to track variables like temperature, pressure, flow rates, and chemical concentrations.

Equipment Maintenance

Maintain and calibrate all equipment and machinery regularly to ensure accurate measurements and consistent product quality.

Supplier Evaluation

Our team ensures that suppliers meet precise quality standards and deliver raw materials that conform to the company's quality criteria.

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We are the leading producer of the best manufactured sand in Udaipur, Rajasthan. Our promises include:

Raj Minerals is committed to maintaining stringent quality control measures throughout the mining and processing of minerals, ensuring consistently high-quality products.
We being the best m sand supplier in Udaipur prioritise environmentally responsible mining and processing techniques, promoting sustainability, and minimising our ecological footprint.
We value customer satisfaction and tailor our products to meet specific requirements, offering personalised solutions and excellent customer service. And this makes us the best m sand manufacturer in Udaipur.

Raj Minerals is a leading m sand manufacturer, offering competitive pricing without compromising product quality, providing cost-effective solutions to our clients.



Raj Mineral is into mining & crushing of Aggregate, Machine Sand, and is also a leading m sand manufacturer.



Alongwith being one of the largest sand manufacturer in Udaipur, we are known for timely delivery of products.



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Our customers rave about our top-notch products as a trusted manufactured sand supplier in Rajasthan, including Fly Ash Cemented Bricks, Crusher Stone Grit, and Interlocking Paver Blocks. Their satisfaction is our pride!






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M-sand is a specially processed and crushed aggregate material produced to replace or augment natural sand in construction applications. It differs from natural sand in its origin and production process. While natural sand is typically extracted from riverbeds, seashores, or quarries, M-sand is manufactured through mechanical crushing of hard rocks or stones, ensuring consistent particle size and quality. For your construction needs connect with us for manufactured sand in Udaipur.

Manufactured Sand (M-Sand ) finds diverse applications in the construction industry, some of its applications are

  • Concrete Production
  • Plastering & masonry
  • Brickwork
  • Road Construction
  • Landscaping
These are precast concrete or stone units designed with interlocking features that allow them to fit tightly together without the need for mortar or adhesive. They enhance landscaping or paving projects by providing a durable, aesthetically pleasing, and versatile solution. These blocks can be used to create various patterns and designs, offering a wide range of visual appeal.

Fly ash cemented bricks are a type of construction material made by incorporating fly ash, a waste product from coal combustion, into the brick manufacturing process Typically mixed with cement, sand, and water, these bricks offer enhanced eco-friendliness due to several factors:

  • They recycle industrial waste (fly ash).
  • Reduce energy consumption during manufacturing compared to traditional clay bricks
  • Minimise the depletion of natural clay resources and lower carbon emissions by replacing some cement content.

You can reach our customer support team by using the contact information provided on our website. We’re here to assist you with any questions or concerns.

Yes, we at Raj Minerals welcome bulk orders for large-scale construction projects. We understand the diverse needs of our clients, and we are fully equipped to handle orders of all sizes. Our extensive inventory and efficient logistics ensure that we can meet the demands of your project. Whether it’s a massive commercial development or a substantial residential construction. We also offer competitive pricing and tailored solutions to accommodate the specific requirements of your project. Raj Minerals is a leading M sand manufacturer in Udaipur, Rajasthan.

To place an order with us, simply contact us via phone, email, or our website’s contact form, providing details of the materials and quantities you require. Our experienced team will guide you through product selection and pricing, after which you will receive a detailed quotation. If you are specifically interested in our M Sand plant in Udaipur, don’t hesitate to mention it, and we’ll provide you with complete guidance for the order process. To learn more, please reach out to us, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Raj Mineral has earned its reputation as the premier M Sand manufacturer and supplier in Udaipur for several compelling reasons

  • We are dedicated to producing M-Sand of the highest quality.
  • We source raw materials responsibly and reduce environmental impact through sustainable production methods, making us a responsible choice for environmentally-conscious customers.
  • We prioritise customer satisfaction above all else.
  • We offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality, making our M-Sand an economical choice for a wide range of construction projects.
  • Our efficient logistics ensure that your materials arrive on schedule, minimising project delays.
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