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Manufactured Sand

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What is Manufactured Sand or M-Sand ?

River sand is considered to be the best sand for the construction but as it is banned in many parts of India there’s lack of river sand. Manufactured Sand is a substitute of river sand and created artificially. This artificial sand is different from river sand physically and in its mineralogical properties as it is made of crushed stone and granite.  It is used for construction to mix with concrete and cement Manufactured Sand.

The shape of Manufactured Sand is cubical and its size is less than 4.75mm. Due to environmental degradation there is scarcity of natural resources and natural sand is not available as per the demand for the construction work. This situation is increasing the demand for artificial sand, Raj Minerals is the first M Sand manufacturer and supplier in Udaipur to meet this demand.

Properties of Manufactured Sand- 

Raj Minerals is the best Manufactured Sand supplier in Rajasthan. Following are the properties of sand

Higher Strength

The produced sand has required degree of fines, actual properties like shape, smooth surface and consistency which makes it the best sand reasonable for construction. These actual properties of sand give more noteworthy solidarity to the substantial by lessening isolation, dying, honeycombing, voids and fine. In this way, the required evaluation of sand for the given reason helps the substantial make up for shortfalls between coarse totals and makes substantial more conservative and thick, hence expanding the strength of cement. Raj Minerals is the most reliable m sand manufacturer in Rajasthan.


Since produced sand (M-Sand) is prepared from the chosen nature of rock, it has the descent physical and synthetic properties for development of substantial designs. This property of M-Sand assists the substantial designs with withstanding outrageous natural conditions and forestalls the consumption of support steel by diminishing penetrability, dampness entrance, freeze-defrost impact expanding the toughness of substantial constructions. You can always use Manufactured sand for construction contact Raj Minerals to buy it as they are a renowned sand manufacturer in Rajasthan.


Size, shape, surface assume a significant part in the usefulness of cement. With more surface space of sand, the interest for concrete and water increases to bond the sand with coarse totals. The power over these actual properties of assembling sand cause the substantial to require less measure of water and give higher functional mixture. The less utilization of water additionally helps in expanding the strength of concrete, less exertion for blending and situation of cement, and subsequently builds usefulness of development exercises at site. For M sand manufacturers in Rajasthan you can choose Raj Minerals.

Less Inadequacy  

It gives less defects during arrangement and post-cementing like isolation, dying, honeycombing, voids and capillarity in concrete gets decreased by the utilization of M-Sand as it has ideal introductory and last setting time just as great fineness. You can contact Sand Supplier In Rajasthan to find the best M sand for you.


As examined above, since use of M-Sand has expanded sturdiness, higher strength, decrease in isolation, porousness, expanded usefulness, diminished post-substantial imperfections, it ends up being practical as a development material supplanting stream sand. It can likewise save transportation cost of stream sand. Use m sand now for the best results and contact the best sand manufacturer in Rajasthan Raj Minerals to purchase it.


Use of fabricated sand forestalls digging of stream beds to get waterway sand which may prompt ecological fiasco like ground water consumption, water shortage, danger to the security of scaffolds, dams and so on to make M-Sands more eco-accommodating than waterway sand. To save the mother earth we should always use M sand from the Sand Supplier In Rajasthan.

What is the process of formulating Artificial Sand

The process of manufacturing M Sand is very unique and understandable for the people who are willing to use it in construction. Manufactured sand in Udaipur is easily available at Raj Minerals. You can visit Raj Minerals crushing plant to see the process of manufacturing it. For now  go through below points to see how artificial sand in Udaipur is formulated-

Land issues 

The crude material is used for the creation of produced sand of guardians mass of rocks. Then impact and pounding of fabricated sand. There are so many plants which produce M sand now. 

Removing and impacting 

The Impact of rock shells being re-graded is the main stage. This process of impacting is  equal reduction in the size of rock shells to produce artificial sand. 

Mass smashing 

Artificial sand in Udaipur is delivered by taking care of hard stones of fluctuating sizes to essential and auxiliary smashers. This is accomplished for lessening the size of stones which are additionally squashed in vertical shaft impact (VSI) smasher to decrease the molecule size to that of sand. 

Screening and arranging 

Fabricated sand plants guarantee legitimate reviewing for better molecule size conveyance. By washing the level of miniature fines is controlled under 15% by weight. The washing office likewise keeps the fabricated sand in wet or mostly wet conditions. This aids in diminishing the water ingestion rate for better usefulness. 

In the preparing plant, the approaching material is first blended in with water; it’s anything but effectively blended as a component of a slurry and is released through enormous separating the feeder to isolate out of the stone. 

A few screens plated with various opening breadth or openings to isolate the particles as indicated by size. The screen of plates compared 10ft. To 28ft. Warehouse and dealing with 

The total arrives at the most basic piece of the creation of the interaction when it is dealt with and put away. 

  • Tainting. 
  • Debasement. 
  • Segregation. 
  • Contains Dampness

What are the advantages of M Sand from Raj Minerals?

Raj Minerals is the first and the best M Sand Manufacturer in Udaipur. They have a big crushing plant to manufacture the best quality artificial sand in Udaipur.

  • Raj Mineral is the best m sand manufacturer to meet your need for sand as it is all around reviewed to the necessary extent.
  • Raj Minerals the m sand manufacturer in Udaipur provides sand at the affordable price. It doesn’t contain a natural and dissolvable compound that influences the setting time and properties of concrete, Thus the necessary strength of cement can be kept up. 
  • It doesn’t have the presence of debasements like earth, residue, and sediment coatings, increasing water necessity as on account of stream sand which weakens the connection between concrete glue and total. In this way, it expanded the quality and strength of cement. 
  • M-sand is acquired for explicit hard rock utilizing the cutting edge worldwide innovation, along these lines the necessary property of sand is obtained. 
  • M-sand is cubical fit and is fabricated utilizing innovation like high carbon steel hit a stone and afterward Rock on Rock measure which is interchangeable to that of regular cycle going through in stream sand data. 
  • Present day and imported machines are utilized to deliver M-sand to guarantee the necessary reviewing zone for the sand.

Manufactured Sand

  • What is my sand?

    River sand is replaced by manufactured sand (M-Sand) for making concrete. Crushing hard granite stone yields manufactured sand. The M sand in Rajasthan is graded, rinsed, and shaped into a cubical shape with rounded edges for use in construction. M-Sand is manufactured sand with a particle size of less than 4.75mm.

  • What is the difference between sand & natural river sand?

    Crushed or manufactured sand is made by crushing and grading suitable granite stones in M sand plant in Rajasthan, while natural sand is obtained from riverbeds.

    Because river sand is often smooth and spherical in shape, it has excellent workability and may be compacted to the maximum degree. Comparing natural sand to bulkage, a higher percentage of bulkage property is also feasible. The majority of manufactured sand has an uneven shape and a rough texture.

  • What are some advantages & disadvantages of m sand over natural river sand?

     Advantages of M Sand:

    1. Extremely great compressive strength and good cohesion.
    2. Fewer contaminants, which contribute to better-quality concrete production.
    3. 12- 15% increased flexural strength and 6-9% higher compressive strength.
    4. With the use of produced sand, masonry strength is increased by 30%.
    5. removes the environmental damage brought on by the removal of natural sand from the riverbed.

    Disadvantages of M Sand

    1. Manufacturing sand may be improperly crushed, producing angular and flaky particles that are both technically and commercially unsuitable for making concrete.
    2. Some regions of the country might not have a suitable crusher setup.
    3. The required for cement is larger than that for river sand in high-rise constructions, which may not be economically feasible.
  • What is good quality m sand? Where can I get best quality m sand in Udaipur, Rajasthan?

    Manufactured sand (M-Sand), which is made from a certain type of rock, has the ideal physical and synthetic characteristics for the creation of substantial designs. A sand which has substantial solidness, usefulness, less inadequacy, economic, and eco-friendly is the best manufactured sand in Rajasthan. Raj Minerals is the first, oldes and most reliable m sand supplier in Rajasthan.

  • What is lab test report of Raj Mineral m sand?

    To see the lab test report of Raj Mineral m sand, click on the below link:

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