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Interlocking Paver Blocks

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Interlocking Paver Blocks In Udaipur

Interlocking Paver Block (IPB) has been widely utilized in various nations at some point as a particular critical thinking method for giving asphalt in regions where traditional kinds of development are less tough because of numerous functional and ecological limitations. IPB innovation has been presented in India in development, 10 years ago, for explicit necessity viz. pathways, parkings, and so on however presently being taken on widely in various purposes where the customary development of asphalt utilizing hot bituminous blend or concrete substantial innovation isn’t attainable or desirable. The paper abides upon material, development, and laying off the substantial concrete block as another methodology in the development of asphalt utilizing Interlocking Paver Blocks In Udaipur.

Introducing Interlocking Paver Blocks

Concrete paver blocks were initially used in Holland in the 1950s as a replacement for paver blocks that had become scarce due to the postwar construction boom. These blocks were rectangular in shape and had pretty much similar size as the blocks. During the past 5 decades, the square shape has consistently developed from non-interlocking to somewhat interlocking to completely interlocking to duplicate interlocking shapes. Subsequently, the asphalts in which non-interlocking squares are utilized are assigned as Concrete Block Pavement (CBP) or non-interlocking CBP, and those where to some extent, completely or duplicate interlocking squares are utilized are referred to as ‘Interlocking Concrete Block Pavement (ICBP).

Benefits of Interlocking Paver Blocks

There are numerous distinct highlights of Interlocking Paver Blocks (IPB) when contrasted with the traditional techniques for pavement development and subsequently make it a reasonable choice for application in the specific regions, portion of these are:

  • Interlocking Paver Blocks Manufacturer In Udaipur under plant conditions guarantees accessibility of squares having a reliable quality and high layered precision.
  • Great nature of squares guarantees the strength of asphalts when built to particulars.
  • IPB endures higher redirections without underlying disappointment and won’t be impacted by warm extension or constriction.
  • IPB doesn’t need relieving, thus can be opened for traffic following development.
  • Development of IPB is work escalated and requires less refined hardware.
  • The framework gives prepared admittance to underground utilities without harming asphalt.
  • Upkeep of IPB is simple and straightforward and it isn’t impacted by fuel and oil spillage.
  • The utilization of shaded blocks works with long-lasting traffic markings.
  • IPB is resistant to punching burdens and even shear powers brought about by moving of heavy vehicles
  • Low support cost and a high rescue esteem guarantees low life cycle cost.

The Applications of Interlocking Paver Blocks

The following are some of the recognized locations where IPB technology is being used:

  • Non-traffic Areas: Building Premises, Pedestrian Plaza, Landscapes, Footpaths, Monuments Premises, Malls, Public Gardens/Parks, Bus Terminus Parking areas, Shopping Complexes, and Railway Platform, etc.
  • Light Traffic: Office Driveway, Car Parks, Office/Commercial Complexes, Housing Colony Roads, Rural Roads, Farm Houses, Residential Colony Roads, etc.
  • Medium Traffic: City Streets, Boulevard, Intersections/Rotaries on Low Volume Roads, Small Market Roads, Service Stations, Utility Cuts on Arteries, etc.
  • Heavy and Very Heavy Traffic: Ports/Dock Yards, Container/Bus Terminals, Heavy-Duty Roads on Expansive Soils, Mining Areas, Factory Floors and Pavements, Roads in Industrial Complexes, Bulk Cargo Handling Areas, Airport Pavement, etc.


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Classifications and Shapes

There are four generic paver block provided by Interlocking Paver Blocks Supplier In Udaipur forms that correlate to the four types of blocks listed below:

  • Type A: Paver blocks with clear vertical sides that do not key into one another when laid out in any manner.
  • Type B: Paver blocks feature successive plain and curved/corrugated upright faces that key into one other including the curve/corrugated faces when laid in any order.
  • Type C: Paver blocks with curved or corrugated faces that key into each other along all vertical faces when laid in any arrangement.
  • Type D: ‘L’ and ‘X’ shaped paver blocks with curved or corrugated faces that key into one other along all vertical faces when laid down in any design.

interlocking paver blocks in Udaipur



IPB innovation can give tough and manageable road infrastructure where development and support of conventional pavements are not practical.

Interlocking Paver Blocks In Rajasthan is a lot less expensive than unbending (concrete) pavement intended for identical circumstances. Contrasted with the bituminous pavement for low traffic volumes and high strength subgrade, the underlying development cost of IPB is probably going to be equivalent to or hardly higher. For high traffic volumes and low strength subgrade, IPB will be less expensive than adaptable pavement.

Rules for using Interlocking Paver Blocks and Specification on Paver Blocks are distributed in Codes and accessible with the Indian Roads Congress and Bureau of Indian Standards which are exceptionally valuable for Indian enterprises and roadway callings for the reception of square pavement technology.

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Technical Specifications:

Sizes available: 230x110x80mm

Uses: Constructions of road, pathway & flooring

Colors & packaging available: All colors, minimum 1 truckload (2500 Nos. minimum)

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