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Meet The Man Behind Manufactured Sand In Rajasthan

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Revolutionizing Construction: Manufactured Sand in Rajasthan

As we all know with ban on mining of river/sea sand demand for sand has increased and to balance the demand and supply manufactured sand was introduced; a substitute of river sand for concrete construction.

Sand is a crucial part in construction industry as it is second most used raw material. With new policy implementation in Rajasthan demand for manufactured sand has increased for constructional needs. Due to severe scarcity and price hike in Rajasthan Mr. Rajesh Mundra of Raj Mineral, Rajasthan brought substitute of natural sand. Every year the state requires nearly 100 tones of construction sand, till recently all of these used to arrive from the river beds. However, the mining has been on hold in compliance of Supreme Court orders in a related case. Initially people thought ban to be temporary but with passing year people started looking for alternatives.

Benefits of Manufactured Sand-

According to Mr. Rajesh mining river sand is not only hazardous for Mother Nature but also it has many impurities which needed to be processed so as to use in construction. After introduction of M-Sand there came lot of advantages such as –

  • Higher strength of concrete
  • No organic compounds
  • Durability and workability of concrete
  • Economical
  • Eco-friendly
  • Cost and time efficient
  • Less concrete defects.



We ‘Raj Mineral’ established our operation in year 1990 As one of the first manufacturer of Manufactured Sand in Rajasthan, Udaipur.

Backed by a magnificent infrastructure, we are engaged in successfully catering to the varied requirements of our valuable patrons. At our workspace, we have set up multiple machines that help us in the optimum management of various operations such as production, storage and hassle-free loading & unloading of M-Sand. We manufacture best quality sand for concrete construction at a very pocket friendly price.

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Exquisite Properties of M-Sand

Ever wondered about the economic and ecological benefits of manufactured sand and how it is equal to natural sand? Let me explain you with its properties and compounds.

  • Sourced from Quarry stones ie; good quality crushing stones.
  • Compressive & flexural strength are higher which make it more powerful.
  • Less adulteration gives high quality.
  • No moisture content, as artificially created is completely dry.
  • Artificially created so no oversized material.
  • Specific gravity – Approximate 2.73 (depends on parent rock).
  • Cubical and angular in shape, rough texture provide better quality for construction.

All these factors and special suggestions are from man of manufacturer itself thus we can judge easily that why to switch to artificial sand over natural one. One reason to choose raj mineral over others is its quality production and tremendous supply by giving rest to sand mafia and unwanted price hike. For more details check product details.

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