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Fly Ash Bricks Vs Red Bricks: The Definitive Comparison

Fly Ash Bricks vs Red Bricks | Raj Mineral

Comparing the Composition of Fly Ash Bricks Vs Red Bricks

Red Bricks are no more into existence, the real product is Fly Ash Cemented Bricks

Gone are the days when red bricks were used now its existence is overtaken by fly ash bricks. Let me start with what actually is the difference between country/factory made red bricks and fly ash bricks. And how a small change in construction can prove environment-friendly and can do wonders! If we talk about red bricks then let’s analyze its properties.

Properties and Features of Red Clay Bricks-

  • Made of clay so color may vary from red to light brown.
  • Clay bricks are handmade thus is not of uniform size.
  • The rough surface so require plaster.
  • More porous.
  • Heavy and costly.
  • Clay bricks are made from topsoil or fertile soil.


These above properties make it less demandable as consistency and strength in comparison to fly ash cemented bricks are less and it is costly as well. In the same way, if we talk about cemented bricks its properties are way too high in comparison.

Properties and Features of Fly Ash Cemented Bricks-

  • Fly ash is of cement color.
  • Uniform size as made in molds.
  • Smooth surface hence plaster is not required.
  • Not porous as compared to clay bricks.
  • Lighter in weight.
  • Friendly as made from waste material which comes from the combustion of coal in thermal power plants.
  • Lighter in weight and less costly.

Fly Ash Bricks | Raj Mineral


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Thus all these properties make Fly ash bricks more preferable over Red clay bricks.

Fly ash cement bricks are made from hi-tech and well improved in terms of quality for construction and are a true replacement for normal clay bricks.

Let’s talk about the composition of cemented bricks

Important Components Used in Fly Ash Bricks

  • Cement
  • Fly Ash
  • Water
  • Sand

What is the source of Fly Ash?

As we all know 72% of India’s power plants are coal-based and this power station generates nearly 40 million tones of fly ash every year. Industries who are using coal as a fuel emits unwanted ash and smoke from which fly ash is generated. This fly ash is separated using cyclone converter in all power plants and industries. Thus fly ash generated is then used as a raw material for manufacturing of bricks.

What is the nature of pollution caused by Fly Ash?

To balance environmental pollution and to protect perilously imbalanced environment fly ash is used in a proper way by using it in various application among which is fly ash bricks. As fly ash causes severe pollution of air and water and gobbles tons of large tract of land.

By looking at its properties and nature of sustainable use people are getting more aware of it so as to become environment-friendly and cost-efficient at the time of construction. Thus Raj Mineral, the Best Fly ash bricks manufacturer in Udaipur, where the production is done on bulk and of the right size.

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