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Is Manufactured sand equal to natural sand

Is Manufactured Sand Equal To Natural Sand, m sand, m sand supplier in Udaipur

Manufactured Sand Equal to Natural Sand

Ever wondered about the economic and ecological benefits of manufactured sand and how manufactured sand is equal to natural sand?

Sand is one of the vital ingredients in construction and daily a huge amount of sand is consumed which is directly causing hazard to our river beds and ecosystem, As it is extracted by digging riverbeds or river banks causing excessive depletion of natural resource and thus creating a huge gap in demand and supply with major hike in price and making it unaffordable. The shortage of good natural sand has raised the question of concern among the construction industry and to solve this challenge manufactured sand is developed, which is also one of the better options against poor quality sand, particularly containing silt.

By using crushed sand in construction work has not even helped in increasing supply but also played a major role in affecting price and Mother Nature.

Let me help you with a better understanding of its concept, including how manufactured sand equal natural sand.

To elaborate, here is a brief comparison of properties between these two so that you can make a correct choice.

Manufactured (crushed) sand Natural sand

Crushing rocks, quarry stones and large aggregate pieces.


Excavated from river beds / river banks


Cubical and angular ,rough texture hence better for construction


Round & smooth surface


Compressive & flexural strength are higher, make it more powerful


Compressive & flexural strength is lower

Eco friendly-

It causes less damage to environment.


Eco friendly-

Sand depletion has hazardous effect on riverbeds reducing ground water and environment.



less adulteration


Acute shortage causes more adulteration; saline sea sand is common source of mixing in coastal areas.

Silt content-

Less chances as it gets manufactured

Silt content-

River beds contain silt due to soil erosion thus it need to be washed.

Moisture content-

No moisture content


Moisture content-

Moisture is present between particles hence it affects concrete mix design and quality

Over sized-

Artificially created so no oversized material.

Over sized-

Screening is needed as oversized material is present in natural sand.

Marine slump –

No chance as created artificially.

Marine slump-

Contains marine products such as grass, algae, clay lumps, bones, shells, mica etc. which are harmful to properties of concrete.

Specific gravity-

Approximate 2.73 ( depends on parent rock)

Specific gravity-

Approximate 2.65 (depend on rock at catchment area)

Advantages of manufactured sand-

  • Eco friendly
  • Better concrete and mortar quality.
  • Uniformly graded aggregates.
  • Higher durability and strength.
  • No slump
  • Bulk density 1.75 Kg/m3
  • Water retentivity of mortar is less.
  • Cheaper than natural sand.

Manufacturing process

Manufactured sand is sand produced by crushing rocks, larger aggregates pieces or quarry stones into sand-sized particles. The produced sand is then sieved and washed to remove fine particles and impurities, and tested for various quality aspects before it is deemed fit as a construction aggregate. Thus increased availability of crushed sand (manufactured sand) has result in low demand of river sand & making it cheaper.

This blog discusses the comparison between manufactured sand (M-sand) and natural sand. It highlights the differences in production, quality, and usage of these two types of sand. M-sand is created through crushing rocks, offering consistent quality, while natural sand is sourced from riverbeds, emphasizes that M-sand can be a sustainable alternative to natural sand, reducing environmental impact. However, the choice depends on the specific construction needs. It’s crucial to understand the characteristics and benefits of both types to make informed decisions for construction projects.

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