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Fly Ash Bricks In Udaipur

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Fly Ash Bricks Dealer in Udaipur

Bricks made from industrial wastes like fly ash, cement, and sand/stone dust are known as fly ash bricks. These kinds of bricks are currently utilized all over the world and are becoming more popular than clay bricks. Raj Mineral, the best fly ash bricks dealer in Udaipur is a re-owned dealer in construction materials.

Fly ash is created as a byproduct of burning air and coal powder in contemporary thermal power plants. The fly ash, which is a substantially separated residue, is produced when bituminous coal or sub-bituminous coals, such as lignite, are ground or powdered and carried by the flue gases of boilers burnt by pulverized coal or lignite. It is a waste product of many thermal power plants and other facilities that use pulverized coal or lignite as a boiler fuel. The ingredients used to make these bricks include quarry dust or river sand, stone aggregates no larger than 6 mm, cement, and fly ash. Get in touch with the best fly ash bricks dealer in Udaipur – Raj Mineral.

Fly Ash Bricks Manufacturer in Udaipur

Best Fly ash bricks manufacturer in Udaipur, Raj Mineral says that rising investments in the construction industry, particularly in the emerging nations like India, are one of the main reasons boosting demand for fly ash bricks. The global market for fly ash bricks is expected to gain traction as a result of the large rise in building spending and the budget allotted for infrastructure and industrial development. Also, several advantages including minimal water absorption, light weight, and other characteristics have helped fly ash bricks gain substantial market share worldwide. Fly ash is being utilized more frequently in the production of construction materials as a result of greater availability and serious environmental issues associated with fly ash disposal.

Advantages in Construction

  • Appearance – Fly ash bricks have a particularly appealing look because of their consistent size, appealing hue that resembles cement, and smooth polish. The amount of mortar used for walls and plastering is reduced by nearly 40–50% due to homogeneous size. Without first applying a baking coat of plaster, plaster of Paris (gypsum plaster) putty can be placed immediately. These bricks don’t have any cracks, wrap-age, organic material, stones, or unattached lime nodules.
  • Strength – Fly ash bricks have a very high compressive strength (9–10 N/mm2). No breakages or wastages during shipping or handling due to high strength. Plaster cracking is decreased by the thinner joints and plaster. These bricks offer superior earthquake protection and don’t add any extra weight to the design of structures. It increases strength over time.
  • Thermal Features – Fly ash bricks have a thermal conductivity of 0.90 to 1.05 W/m2. They are heat-sinkier. Fly ash and lime undergo a pozzolanic reaction that generates less heat. It maintains a lower interior temperature in the heat, making it ideal for Indian temperatures.
  • Durability – These bricks are considerably more impermeable and durable. Brick efflorescence may be effectively reduced by the decreased permeability. These bricks are less porous, take in less water, and keep the walls from getting moist. Moreover, it is quite resistant to assault from sulfate, water, and weak acids.
  • Noise Isolation – These bricks offer a structure with a respectable level of sound insulation.
  • Resistant to Fire – Compared to typical clay bricks, these bricks have a great fire resistance.
  • Sustainability – Because they are created from waste products left over after the burning of coal in thermal power plants, fly ash bricks are ecologically benign. Being a white category product, there is no pollution or environmental harm.
  • Buildability – These bricks are simple to work with and don’t absorb as much water. They don’t need to soak in water for 24 hours as clay bricks do. Before usage, a little misting of water is sufficient. The building process is the same as that for clay brick construction, thus the masons do not need any additional training.
  • Availability – The thermal power plants are often closer to where you may find these bricks. Nonetheless, it wouldn’t be difficult to locate merchants in all significant cities and villages. Get in touch with the best fly ash bricks supplier in UdaipurRaj Mineral.
  • Cost – Fly ash bricks cost more than clay bricks but may cover more ground. Mortar usage is likewise minimal. entails less work. The price is around 30% less than clay bricks. Get in touch with the best fly ash bricks supplier in Udaipur.
  • Applicability – These bricks are appropriate for multi-story buildings because of their low weight. Reduced weight reduces the strain on the structure. These bricks can be used for non-load bearing interior walls in low to mid-rise buildings, non-load bearing interior or exterior walls in high-rise buildings, and load-bearing external walls in low- to mid-rise structures.

Classification of Fly Ash Bricks

  • Clay- bricks
  • Red mud bricks
  • Sand bricks
  • Lime bricks
  • Lime/gypsum bricks


“Contact the leading Fly Ash Bricks Dealer in Udaipur today for premium quality bricks at competitive prices. Build your dream projects with confidence. Call now for enquiries and orders.”

Fly Ash Bricks v/s Red Bricks

fly ash bricks


Fly Ash Bricks Red Bricks
As these bricks are manufactured in molds, their shape is constantly consistent. They are handmade, red bricks have irregular forms and dimensions.
A uniform color and a good look. The color of these bricks depends on the soil, they are not uniform in color.
Considering the flawless finish, plastering is not necessary. Plastering is always necessary.
Lightweight. Heavier.
Fly ash brick has a compressive strength of around 100 kg/cm2. The shear strength of clay brick estimated to be approximately 35 kg/cm2.
Compared to clay bricks, they are better vibration-absorbing. Cannot withstand strong shaking.
More solid and durable than regular red bricks. Slightly less stronger.
Less mortar is used than when building using clay bricks. Mortar demand is high.
More durable and less wasteful than red clay brick. Bricks made of clay are brittle, which leads to more breakage and waste.
Less porous; doesn’t need pre-soaking in water. Needs soaking in water before usage.
Compared to clay bricks, the price is 30% less. Costlier as compared to fly ash bricks.
They are created from garbage, they are more environmentally friendly. Environmentally unfriendly. But red bricks are formed of clay extracted from rich ground topsoil and chimney necessary.


Raj Minerals is a prominent supplier of fly ash bricks in Udaipur. Offering high-quality and eco-friendly building materials, they provide durable fly ash bricks that meet construction standards. With their reliable services and commitment to sustainability, Raj Minerals is a trusted choice for fly ash bricks in Udaipur.

By using fly ash bricks, you can help the environment by lowering your carbon footprint. Also, save on building costs with fly ash bricks as they are inexpensive and easy to use. Get it from the best fly ash bricks dealer in UdaipurRaj Mineral

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