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Cemented Bricks

cemented bricks in Udaipur
Our products also include fly ash cemented bricks known for the optimum quality and tough features. Cemented bricks are highly strong, durable and are extremely useful in construction. Our fly ash cemented  bricks are in high demand due to the user-friendliness, easy handling, and production from fire feature. Cemented bricks are of robust build and give an even and strong structure. Customized sizes ensure less need of many layers of plastering. Raj Mineral is the best cemented bricks manufacturer and suppliers in Udaipur Rajasthan India.


  • Cemented bricks have a compressive strength of 3 times as compared with ordinary red bricks.
  • Good earthquake resistance features
  • Cemented bricks are Fire resistant
  • Cemented bricks is Easy to handle & faster construction
  • Excellent acoustic barriers
  • Reduction in plastering due to even walls

Technical Specifications:

Sizes available: 230x110x70 mm
Uses: Cemented bricks used for Construction of walls
Colours & packaging available in Cemented bricks: Light grey, minimum 1 load truck (3300 nos. minimum)