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Advantages of Interlocking Paver Blocks

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Advantages of Interlocking Paver Blocks

We have all been using concrete pavement surfaces constructed with asphalt, tar, crushed stones, and interlocking paver blocks, etc. Centuries-old pavement construction has helped homeowners keep the surface as smooth as possible while making it easy to park heavy vehicles on the roads.

Parking spaces are made a lot easier and less hassle-free by constructing pavements on the side of the road. But while the home decor and construction materials are transitioning, why not seek a more concrete pavement building block? Yes, we are talking about Interlocking paver blocks.

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Real Estate is turning its table for good, specifically in construction. While Udaipur has been considered the current booming precinct for newly-constructed houses, the builders are looking for more sustainable building materials. That’s why most homeowners look for Interlocking paver blocks in Udaipur. The exterior section of the house or a building is equally crucial along with the interior, and the pivot point is the pavement.

How are you going to park your vehicles? It does not matter whether you live in a bungalow or an independent-floor home; the pavement is a must. Besides, every nation’s roadway system includes a pavement to make it easier for commuters to travel, park vehicles, etc.

Hence, it is crucial to scout for sustainable pavement options by approving the suitable building material, and interlocking paver block manufacturers in Rajasthan assist the real estate sector. This article will give you all the right reasons to ditch the age-old concrete or stone-crushed pavement and look for interlocking paver blocks suppliers in Rajasthan to opt for a robust and durable pavement structure.

What are Interlocking Paver Blocks?

Block Paving is a brand new material used for constructing pavements by several construction companies. It is made up of different materials such as clay, recycled plastic, concrete stone, pebbles, etc. However, concrete and clay paver blocks are more prominently used in commercial pavement building and residential space pavement construction.

Over the years, these paver blocks have garnered more attention from the manufacturers, which is why there has been a surge in the number of interlocking paver block manufacturers in Rajasthan. However, Interlocking paver blocks increased sales due to their robustness and more aesthetically pleasing look. Moreover, there was a crucial requirement of pavement construction in commercial areas that could become a solid support for heavy vehicles. Hence, segmented blocks became popular, and interlocking paver blocks came into being.

In India, Interlocking concrete or clay paver blocks are a thing of the past as they were familiarised in the construction market at least a decade ago. These interlocking paver blocks are laid on much compact bedding material, and the joints are filled with fine materials so that they are appropriately connected with each other.

Initially, there was the popularity of non-interlocking and partially interlocking blocks, but eventually, it came down to interlocking paver blocks that formed a much more concrete base for pavement that supported the vehicles and commuters during the days when it rained heavily. Let’s look through some of the added advantages of selecting interlocking paver blocks in Udaipur.

Advantages of Choosing Interlocking Paver Blocks over other Pavement Material

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There are several reasons that the interlocking paver blocks are more famous and preferred by most construction companies and the sole reason is their suitability in areas where conventional concrete pavement material could not be used. Let’s look through these advantages to figure out their potential.


It is a better choice to be environment-friendly and flexible in areas where traditional pavement materials show cracks. It could further lead to any mishap when a heavy vehicle parks outside, taking support of the pavement. Concrete slabs are not flexible, and the stones inside keep shrinking with the passing time. Hence, any material that endorses longevity and the ability to bear high temperatures is a better choice in commercial or residential spaces.

Easy To Maintain

We are more attracted to things that require less effort and cost, and construction materials are no different. When it comes to interlocking paver blocks, they are a better choice because, unlike concrete and asphalt pavement, you would not have to polish them as they appear dull very soon.

You would not want the exterior of your new house to start looking dull and damaged suddenly, and the same also applies to the pavements. The best you could do to clean your pavement or driveway is wash it regularly with a garden hose, and that’s about it. Sounds simple, right! Choosing interlocking paver blocks would make your lives simple too.

Pretty Much Durable

While you are spending so much to construct your home, it is worthwhile to choose something solid for your pavement. Interlocking paver blocks are the most durable pavement material in the construction industry. There is a reason they repeatedly select commercial spaces, which is one of them.

Be it a vehicle load, pedestrian traffic, or heavy vehicle traffic; they would stand still for long. They come with a durability of 20 years which is pretty long. It is majorly preferred in airports because will you look at aircraft weight?

Versatile & Aesthetically Pleasing

Commercial spaces and homes all have the right to look neat and appealing. While concrete slabs would start looking dull and dirty in a smaller time frame, Interlocking blocks come in different texture, sizes, color, and shape that you would find it hard to choose amongst them. They look good and make the pavement look good too.

Different paver blocks are available differentiated by their thickness and employed in the pool deck, driveways, parking space, residential space pavement, etc. Since they are available in different shapes, that’s why they can connect and interlock with each other appropriately.

Pretty Easy To Install

This is the most important part, their installation. Usually, making a cemented or concrete slab pavement takes time. However, pave blockers are pretty much easy and quick to install. The builders use no heavy equipment or machinery to install them; neither is a mortar requirement. As soon as it is installed, you can start walking on it. Additionally, they do not let rainwater accumulate over the surface, and hence there is a reduction of chances that someone or something slips from the surface.

In a Nutshell!

Interlocking Paver Blocks are an efficient choice to build your driveway. You wouldn’t want your car to slide down the road because the pavement could not take the weight and caused the vehicle to slip back. Also, those crack concrete slabs are not a very incredible sight. So when you make your choice, make the most effective one that offers you enough return on your investment.

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